i use it to store my wealth.

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I've had a lot of time. Shoot days, a falling-out, readings, essays. I've had a lot of time before this new LJ post. I don't know if my musical abilities have improved or not, but I can cook for myself, and complete a right full split now. I am so very proud.
Today I went through a lot of pain which I decline to elaborate upon, but after a long, long, long hiatus, I bring you ear-rape.

This is a cover of a cover, first written in 1975 by Alan Merrill and Jake Hooker, from The Arrows, a band I have never listened to. But everyone loves Joan Jett's version better (In your face, Miss Spears), and the woman shares my birthday, and so I give my fervent apologies to her being the object of my...fourth ear-rape.

I apologise, Joan Jett. I only just fell in love.

Meanwhile, on a brighter note, because I've clearly deteriorated, I'd like to shamelessly plug two things.
1) You know the shoot days? They go here.
2) The song Tegami by Angela Aki. I heard it just now, and I wanted to cry.

Please listen to this. It beats Bad Romance any day. And I know I've been through existential crises, considered suicide more than once over this period, planned to visit Aokigahara for I know what reason, gone agnostic, disappointed myself and many, many people around me, but this song is plain beautiful. And it makes things better to know that there's hope after all. :D

So...yeah. Am off to write my creative writing essay on last night, from my floor here at 0443. Eschewing the bed is fun. XD


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