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i use it to store my wealth.

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music again
Yesterday was the birthday of my friend Cheryl. Happy birthday again. XD
And so.
Yesterday I got up from Phaik Yie's couch in the foetal position for the 3rd or 4th time (today I got up off Yogi's couch. Couches are fun places to sleep!), and the first thought that coursed through my head for the past week coursed through my head again. (I'm not telling you what it is. Only that the moment I make any honest move to get up it'll come to harass me.) And so in a while, the Bokemon were all off to Fitzroy.

So. Fitzroy. Grace and I each had a pie, Phaik Yie had a quiche if I remember correctly (screw the details, my pie was delicious!) and Yogi had a sausage roll. Grace's pie committed suicide, so its bloody remains, more resembling pavement pizza than actual blood and guts, had to be removed from the scene. I was the last to finish, because me and my pie were voyeuring as the contents (entrails) of the other pie (his evident brother) were placed in the dustbin.

We walked on to Dangerfield, where as usual I spent a little too much. This happens almost every time I walk on to Dangerfield's factory outlet because the clothes are beautiful. Usually.
That, and I bought my first handbag. Today I was a woman.
Sort of. It was black PVC with bat wings on the sides. It was epic, and $10. Needless to say I was sold, and so was Phaik Yie, who thrusted it at me. (Now I curse and swear because I'm not good with opening the metal clasp. Yogi [mai waifu] does that for me sometimes. XDDDDDD)
I also have a tailcoat now. That baby was $150 the last time I saw it last year, and now it was $20. Really now. But it'll need some ironing. And preferably some modifying, unless I layer like crazy, which I just might. I know what clothes I want in that ensemble, is for sure.
And I couldn't find the pants I love so much, a pity. But I have a new pair, and while it's pretty normal, I think it's still beautiful. (Needs a belt too, though.)

Right. So. We went to Victorian Gothic and the two stores next to it I can never remember the names of. Nothing there really. No Fang sandals. But we did find Bayonetta-style heels.
I wore them.
It was good.
They were $279.
Of course I'm not getting them.
Barely 5 minutes into them and I wanted to bawl my feet off.
Yogi is mai waifu.

We went to the actual Dangerfield after that. They sell Ozzy shades now.
"Sharon, we need to talk, love."
"Well maybe you're still on the fucking crazy train, but I've been the Prince of Darkness since 1979."
I made the counter staff lol. Great success. Now I'm compelled to watch all Ozzy's stuff again.
(Damn, speech impediments.)

Cheryl's birthday was great. Cake and pasta and stuff. It was quite awesome, or at least more so than what my fatboy did the day before.

Getting Plastic Beach was even better.
The Gorillaz albums have been a perpetual source of religious fanaticism to me. Buying the albums (I bought my first one at the age of thirteen) always fill me with unspeakable joy. (They only have three, understandable.) And the sound...their sound is unparalleled.
My favourite song at the moment's Superfast Jellyfish. I think I'll like Glitter Freeze.
Getting it at Borders was quite the experience though. Was the first time I heard the word "mainstream" being used to describe Gorillaz. Scary shit there. It looked almost like Plastic Beach was all out, but it was simply in hiding. Apparently it sells really well.
Ah, and the covering's cardboard only. I see what you did thar, eco men. :D

Cola cupcakes are crazy good. Must thank the poster over flickr soon.
And of course, redeem my lost non-teaching week in studies.