i use it to store my wealth.

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Don't ever forget this moment, Faith. Don't ever forget how it made you feel.
You should really stop being such a whore. Get a life, and don't act like Orochimaru. Believe me, nobody likes that. Stop it and live a normal life as much as you can.
Why, look who it is, after so long. The girl who insists that Orochimaru is nice to her and is addicted to making intense love to her.

((Here lie my feelings, and I hope I don't have to repeat myself.
I have had a little more than enough of you. And you've said time and again that you're entitled to be the way you are - so am I. I stopped understanding the definition of "normal" after being continuously bullied by my classmates and brother (and to a much lesser extent, my father) between the ages of nine to twelve; if I had to let them abuse me like you do now, against my better judgement, then I didn't want any of it. You are the last person I would take the definition of "normal" from, and where you tell me to get a life, I can only ask you in return: where is your own?
If nobody liked the fact that I was RPing here, the questions would have stopped a long time ago. Two or three weeks before you would first come to this page, looking for a vigorous cyber I would not give, as a character I do my best to not break the characterisation for (though I would never claim to be an authority, and there are skills far greater than my own).
Your immaturity as a sixteen-year-old is mortifying, even in my own situation, and I can only hope if/when I have children, that they will never take the path you took, short of alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, gambling and carnal pleasure. Your gratuitous swearing and constant insistence that every single person who attempts to tap into your emotional issues is a troll, have left me in no small degree of shock and disturbance. You, my ex-counselling subject, are a textbook example of what belongs on Encyclopedia Dramatica, and I can only hope that what follows for you will be a mellowing out of your feelings of perpetual angst and hate over what seems to be absolutely nothing, similar to what I went through.
You can't hide forever. This is the world you were born in, not the realm of the computer, not in the Naruto universe. Here. And this is where you will live, whether you like it or not. Have you no prospect for the future, no ambition in life? What, are you going to start being all dark and fatalistic and say things like "I have long since closed my eyes...my only goals are in the darkness"? Because I do that sometimes. But I know it's illogical, and I hope you do too.
I originally resisted the idea of placing you on ED, now I see there is no point in attempting to shield you from such evils; you clearly assume yourself a towering intellect due to your "chemical genies" (your words), and probably should be able to fend for yourself in this digital world, where actual trolls live.
I see not how I am a whore. Perhaps somehow or other you found out about my pursuit of flexibility, and believe that just because I know such things I would use them in carnal acts. Please, I'm not that cheap. I am, as I said before, saving myself for someone I know is out there. I cannot say that the person will love me completely and not try to change me at all, but I'll try to get there. Why would a person like another person for who they are, if that other person is of an obviously low moral standard? It would probably be that the person sees part of himself/herself in the other person. Perhaps I'll be seen as a complete bitch for saying everything I did, but it's what I feel to be the truth. I wouldn't consciously lie about this, and my conscience is clear.

I forgot, this isn't your first language, and you can't read that much, isn't it so? I'll keep this short then, and quote another Naruto character. If you keep hiding from the real world, then survive in an unsightly way; run, run, and cling to life.))

EdoTensei answered SephChan941, 2 hours ago

Never forget how this made you feel. Because you may be fragile and still a silly little girl, but you could never sink as low as this.
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