i use it to store my wealth.


The first standard picture.

Salutations, I'm Faith. This is, rather self-explanatorily, my journal. I like dystopian novels, the colours black, white, blue, purple, green, pink, and many different kinds of music, especially the original line-up of Black Sabbath. I also have a very soft spot for Japan in general, though I don't take too well to the green tea without cream, red beans, black sesame, and raw food. I'm starting my freshman year this year in the University of Melbourne, where I shall be pursuing a Bachelor of Arts (Media and Communications), as a student of its final intake.

If you don't already know who I am in your coming here, I was the strange person in Trinity College who drew animals and dinosaurs and things on the whiteboard before her lectures and tutorials, for the viewing pleasure of her classmates (whether they enjoyed it or not). I tried to get other people to join me in this, but I failed. Oh well.
For the people from further back, from when I was in Cedar Girls', you'd know me as one of the few girls openly breaking the attire rules in the opposite direction. My skirt was always either touching or over my knee, and my socks were always longer than "standard regulation - 3-finger spacing", not that I ever saw a rule against that in the handbook. In my final year in Cedar (2008) you'd've known me as that one girl who went to school for two weeks straight in a completely-buttoned black military dress jacket.

At any given time, I have either a superiority complex or an inferiority complex, and this is part of the reason for my considering myself completely useless. The other reason being that I don't want to say I'm good at anything until I reach a high enough point, which I haven't, for anything in my life at the moment.
I like to judge people, and to make assessments of them. My head more often than not rules over my heart, which has served me very well so far. In weighing two conflicting sides, I typically go with the more logical side. I've got a justice system, and I'm not afraid to use it.

I like wearing black, white, as well as shades of violet. White on black is awesome imo, with a little bit of silver. Sometimes I take liberties and I dress in punk, but not as often as I'd like. I'd wear collared shirts more, if only someone were there to iron them for me. :<
I muse sometimes about how the good clothes are always in men's sizes, and it's true.

I have issues with keeping my opinions to myself, which is why I created this LJ, and all its Blogger predecessors. If I lived in a fascist state, and I wasn't leader, I'd die by high treason.
I'm also a skeptic. It annoys my Christian friends to bits because even though I'm pretty much Christian, I can't accept things as they are. But I can't accept things as they are in many other places, and while sometimes there's been hell to pay, I'd rather fight it out and be defeated epicly than shut up and accept everything I'm told.

I like Orochimaru a lot, because for a good long time, he's had the best villain design I've seen, and because in more ways than one I share something with him I can't describe.
I like Sensei's work, and while she isn't exactly a godlike entity to me anymore, she is still very very awesome. It inspires me that someone could come so far in such a short time, in so many things in her life.

Also I'm extremely happy to say that a psychologist has revoked her previous statement of me as clinically sane, so if I do anything really really interesting, you'll know why. I'd like to be special, or at least, more of myself than most people are of themselves, because I don't like to hold back how I truly feel.
And it is for this reason that I have an intense love/hate (99% love) relationship with the theatre. I'd very much like to go into musical theatre in the future, and I hold on to that dream, as Sensei has said I must. And one day, it shall come to pass, no matter how doubtful I am, because life should not kill the dream I dreamed.

Recently, also, I formally began my musical journey and graduated from the Bed&Bath Vocal Academy, first performing with the Melbourne Sings choir, as well as with my extremely awesome friend Phaik Yie. You'll find the covers to a couple of songs on my LJ, as markers for myself in this new world I've found. Suffice to say, I generally consider myself one of the boys. :3

...So...yeah. My life. Sort of. Read the story, maybe it'll make more sense after you do.
And remember..."We are arrant knaves all; believe none of us.". Every source you read, no matter where it comes from, is biased somehow in its own way. Remember to corroborate.